Dr. Andrew Fassbach (portrayed by Elyes Gabel) is a minor character from World War Z. As the zombie plague sweeps across the Earth, the young virologist is appointed by the remaining United Nations staff to find out the origin of the virus and find a way of stopping it before humanity is wiped out. Fassbach is accompanied by the film's protagonist Gerry Lane and a group of Navy SEALs and they follow a lead that takes them to Camp Humphrey in South Korea. During the plane journey, Fassbach theorizes how nature itself is a serial killer, far more creative and ingenious than any human killer, yet at the same time suffering from a subconscious desire to be caught and stopped by leaving minor clues that ultimately build up to a solution.


When the plane touches down at Camp Humphrey, the SEALs are immediately attacked by zombies. Dr. Fassbach panicks and runs back into the plane's rear cabin, but slips on the rollers of the cargo ramp and falls, accidentally pulling the trigger on the gun he is holding. Fassbach inadvertantly shoots himself in the face and dies.