Amanda, Journey to Babel

Amanda in the prime reality of Star Trek: The Original Series

Amanda Grayson (alternate reality)

Amanda in Star Trek (2009)

Amanda Grayson was the human wife of Vulcan ambassador Sarek and mother of Spock in Star Trek. Though Humans and Vulcans had very different ideologies and social structures, the bond between Sarek and Amanda was very much forged out of the pair's mutual love for one another, although Vulcans typically repress their emotions from an early age. Spock had a considerably difficult upbringing being a child of two worlds, but Amanda always stood by and supported her son's decisions and felt nothing but love and pride for him.

Amanda was portrayed by Jane Wyatt in Star Trek: TOS and by Winona Ryder in J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek film.


In the prime Star Trek universe, Amanda died in the year 2311 at the great old age of 109. However, in the alternate reality established in J.J. Abrams' reboot, Amanda's life was tragically cut short in the year 2258 when the mad Romulan terrorist Nero launched an attack on Vulcan. After drilling a shaft down into the planet's core, Nero deployed a red matter bomb that created a black hole within the planet itself. Spock attempted to evacuate his parents and the Vulcan Elders as the planet began to implode, but as the Enterprise's transporters were energising, the rocky ledge that Amanda stood upon collapsed and she fell. The transporter lock was broken and Amanda plunged to her doom.

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