Alicia Lohmeyer
Alicia Lohmeyer is a minor character in Code Geass R2. The quintessential Britannian, she completely hates Numbers and openly looks down upon the Elevens (Japanese).

Japanese Voice: Akira Watanabe

English Voice: Dorothy Elias-Fahn


When Lelouch's sister Nunally is named as the new Viceroy of Area 11, Lohmeyer is appointed as her chief adviser. This is not Nunally's choice, however. Nunally's kind-hearted nature and Lohmeyer's prejudice seem to clash often and Lohmeyer is strongly opposed to Nunally's non-discriminant attitude toward the Japanese. Likewise, Nunally neither likes nor trusts Lohmeyer and tends to disregard much of her advice regarding Britannia's policy towards its conquered subjects. Nunally does her utmost to stay aware of Lohmeyer's activities, knowing that her adviser will go behind her back and abuse her authority if left unchecked.


In the episode "Final Battle Tokyo II", Ms. Lohmeyer boards a royal aircraft in order to escape the Tokyo Settlement. However, as the battle nears a close, Suzaku Kururugi is surrounded and about to die and so the Geass command to live that Lelouch gave him kicks in. Suzaku fires the Lancelot Conquista's FLEIJA warhead which detonates above the Tokyo Settlement, obliterating a large portion of it. Lohmeyer's escape craft is caught in the blast and vaporised.

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