Alicia Hunt (portrayed by Jerry Hall) was the mistress to crime lord Carl Grissom in Tim Burton's Batman. She didn't really care for Grissom though and was only interested in his money. She cheated on Grissom with the old man's enforcer Jack Napier, but he would eventually learn of the affair and later arrange for Napier to be killed whilst cleaning out Axis Chemicals. Jack, of course, survived the ordeal and re-emerged as the Joker, returning to murder Grissom. When Alicia saw Jack's disfigurement, she fainted from shock.

Later, the Joker would disfigure Alicia's face with acid and force her to wear a porcelain mask. He then introduced Alicia to photojournalist Vicki Vale, with and without the mask, showing her off like a macabre piece of abstract art. The following day, after Vicki had been rescued by Batman, the Joker turned up at Vicki's apartment and informed her that Alicia had commited suicide by jumping off a balcony. Whether or not this was the case is uncertain and it's entirely possible that the Joker threw her off the balcony. As the Joker remarked just before smashing Alicia's mask, "You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs,"  which hints toward murder rather than suicide.

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