Agent Zero
David North, also known as Agent Zero, is a minor antagonist from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A member of Team X and William Stryker's most trusted operative, he is a ruthless, merciless killer who follows orders without question. Zero's mutant abilities include superhuman agility, reflexes and accuracy. He is portrayed by Daniel Henney.


Working as a member of Team X, Zero helped Stryker find the metallic compound known as adamantium. He, along with Sabretooth, were the only ones from Team X that stayed faithful to Stryker when the team disbanded.

After Wolverine breaks out of the Weapon X facility, Stryker orders Zero to pursue him - eventually tracking him to a barn belonging to an elderly couple. Zero shoots the couple and blows up the barn in an attempt to kill Wolverine. Wolverine, however, escapes and is soon pursued by a Zero in a helicoptor.


Wolverine eventually brings the helicoptor down. Severely injured and trapped inside the helicoptor, Zero mocks Wolverine about how "innocent people die around him". As Wolverine walks away, he ignites a trail of fuel with his claws, causing the helicopter to explode and killing Zero.

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